Nursing Home and Rehab Nurse Leader.  Clinical experience as Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing and Floor Nurse.  Wound care certified. Experienced expert witness.

Extensive clinical research nursing experience at organizations include the Mayo Clinic and Cedars Sinai/UCLA.  Clinical research experience includes reproductive endocrinology, surgery, oncology, and cardiology.  Certified clinical research professional.

Curriculum Vitae


Pathway Health Services, Lino Lake, MN                                                          December 2020-Present

Interim Director of Nursing - for those skilled nursing facilities requiring interim Director of Nursing services, or assistance with survey preparedness, or mentoring of new Directors of Nursing to a Skilled Nursing Facility.


Edenbrook of Rochester, Rochester, MN                                                March 2020-December 2020

Director of Nursing 81-bed skilled nursing facility.


Whitewater Nursing Home, St Charles, MN                                                   June 2019-January 2020

Director of Nursing 45-bed skilled nursing facility.


Madonna Towers, Rochester, MN                                                                          January 2018-May 2019

Assistant Director of Nursing 56-bed Benedictine facility for both long-term and rehabilitation care. Recognized in the top 10% of the nation for customer service satisfaction excellence.


VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN                                                       March 2014-December 2017

RN Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Cardiology Research  One of the largest and most active research programs in the VA health care system. The research program is affiliated with the University of Minnesota.


Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Research Unit, Rochester, MN                April 2012-January 2014 Project Coordinator



Mayo Clinic Cardiac Cath Lab Research Unit, Rochester, MN                   June 2010-April 2012

Supervisor, Research Services


Mayo Clinic Cardiac Cath Lab Research Unit, Rochester, MN                March 2008-June 2010

Registered Nurse CRC


Mayo Clinic Oncology Phase I Trials, Rochester, MN                                   June 2007-March 2008

Registered Nurse CRC


Mayo Clinic Endocrine Research Unit, Rochester, MN                     September 2005-June 2007

Registered Nurse CRC


Mayo Clinic Surgical Research Unit, Rochester, MN                     August 2004-September 2005

Registered Nurse CRC


Mayo Clinic OB-GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology,                    November 1984-August 2004 Rochester, MN

Registered Nurse CRC


ADN, Rochester Community & Technical College,                                                                   1997-2004

Rochester, MN


  • Registered Nurse, MN License #R 163774-4
  • Vohra Wound Care Certification
  • Certified Clinical Research Professional (SoCRA)
  • NIHSS A-V3 (NIH Stroke Scale)
  • Bronze Mayo Quality Fellow


St. Isidore of Green Prairie Nursing Home, Plainview, MN                        May 2004-March 2014

Registered Nurse (Supplemental)  Long Term Care, and Rehab services,  and is licensed for 53 residents by the state of Minnesota. Common duties included assessing residents, administration of medications, wound care, and fall prevention.


Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates,                                 September 2005-June 2007 

Woodbury, MN

RN Administrative Study Coordinator  Highly specialized infertility center offering cutting-edge fertility treatments. When the facility made the decision to add research projects to enhance their treatments, I assisted in setting up their research unit.


Cedars Sinai Center for Androgen-Related Research & Discovery, January 2010-July 2010

Los Angeles

RN Study Coordinator Consultant


UCLA, Dept of OBGYN, Tissue Procurement Program               August 2011-September 2012

Los Angeles,

RN Study Coordinator Consultant


  • 2011 Excellence Through Teamwork, Mayo Clinic



Peer-Review Journal Publications

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Peer-Review Abstracts

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Peer-Review Poster Presentations

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  4. Herrmann RR, Doty, DM. The HemOnc Nurse: In the Pivotal Role to Expedite or Hinder Cancer Drug Approval. Poster presentation (P-45), 2008 Mayo Nurses’ Poster Fair:  Nursing Professionalism: Accountability and Image


  • Hand Hygiene Committee, Minneapolis VAMC, 2017 Surveyed staff on different nursing units for proper hand hygiene.  Conducted in services on proper hand hygiene for staff.
  • Research RN Mentor: The RN Transition to Practice Program. Minneapolis VAMC, 2015 - 2017
  • NARC Inspector, Minneapolis VAMC, August, 2014 – June 2015 Narcotic Inspector. Reconciled medical records against narcotic dispensing. Immediately reported any discrepancies to the appropriate authority.
  • Study Coordinator Orientee Trainer, Mayo Clinic Cardiac Cath. Lab . 2009 – 2010
  • GCRC Fellows Orientation, Mayo Clinic, Speaker, 2005 – 2007 Spoke with research fellows regarding the steps necessary to successfully submit a research grant to the Institutional Review Board.
  • Mayo Clinic Clinical Research Administrative Assistants, Advisor, 2000 – 2008