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Don’t waste your time on cases that are going nowhere…

  • Have our medical experts prepare a chronology and summary report where we pre-screen every case for merit, before you enter into time-consuming, expensive, drawn-out litigation, only to find you don’t really have a case
  • A complete medical chronology organizes medical charts for ease of reference making depositions and expert reviews faster and much more effective in cases where you decided to proceed
  • A written summary report from our experienced medical experts will direct you where to find and expose the facts that are often “hidden” deep within the medical record

The Devil is in the Details…
but so is the win!

As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details”. When you have our experienced medical professionals pre-screen your medical legal cases for merit, you are simultaneously preserving your time and focus for the cases you know you can win.

Our clear, concise summary reports address all the medical details of a case from diagnosis, treatment protocols to standards of care. These are the details that will allow you to discover, define or defend cases where errors, malpractice or negligence are in question.

Make our team your team today… together, we can help you effect life-changing differences for your clients!
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We understand that nothing can demonstrate our value to you as eloquently as our work, so when you refer to this “25% off First 2” offer, we’ll be delighted to discount the first two cases we pre-screen for you!

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