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At Med Legal Pro we have assembled a team with decades of experience organizing medical records for trial.

What we do and how it helps you and your medical legal cases:

We review both paper and/or electronic medical records to seek out the facts within and hidden in the minutiae. There are many details, often overlooked by anyone not used to specifically deciphering the medical jargon and familiar with the proper procedures and standards of care.


We also have the legal knowledge to summarize the information discovered within the medical record to provide a higher level of medical knowledge and expertise to support your medical cases.


A chronology puts the relevant and important facts in a record in chronological order. These documents also can include notes from the reviewer as to why it’s an important fact, questions to ask a witness in a depo, or just general thoughts of the person conducting the review. The notes section Is removed if the attorney want’s to utilize the document for their expert as this can sometimes be seen as tainting the perspective or opinion of an expert with someone else’s opinion and should be avoided. Notes are meant to be for the attorney’s eyes only.


It helps to get an idea of what is happening in a case and when. It helps paint a picture of the sequence of events and time lapses between events which can be quite significant and may otherwise be overlooked if not put into this type of a format. It can also be used to help create graphs and charts or diagrams for visual aids which can be used with a jury if needed.

Organizing Medical Records for Trial:

  • Organize medical records
  • Review cases for merit
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses in a case
  • Summarize and analyze medical records to explain damages
  • Identify tampering and missing medical records
  • Custom organization to address your specific needs and requirements

Our Attorney's find having a legal nurse consultant on their team benefits both them and their clients, helping them to close more medical cases, faster and with better compensation.

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